Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Writing and Bookish Goals

Hello dear Readers,

A new year always brings new resolutions, new goals to accomplish, new things to do.

That is why I am here today to talk about my 2015 Writing and Bookish Goals.

My first writing goal for 2015 will be just to keep writing like I did last year. I am writing my own Memoir but I do not only work on this. I also write poetry when I feel I need to do it and I also write short stories. Sometimes getting away from writing the Memoir and write other things it's what helps me to find the motivation to continue working on the Memoir. I know it may sound confusing but writing block happens and we as writers need to find a way to deal with it. 

My second writing goal for 2015 is related to my Memoir as well. I plan on finishing the first draft as soon as I can and then move to the editing and revising part of it. There are still a few chapters I am working on, it is not to much but still requires time, inspiration, and a lot of research but definitely, this goal will be top priority in 2015.

I mentioned on my previous post, 2014 was my best reading year. I completed my Goodreads reading challenge. I read a lot more books than ever before in my life. I left my comfort zone and read genres that I never read before. Lots of accomplishments which made me feel pretty good, however, because 2014 is over it does not mean I have to stop.

My first bookish goal for 2015 is to read more than last year. I set up my Goodreads goal to fifty books. Fifteen more books than last year. It does not mean I want to read more books just because of the quantity aspect of it but because I think there are so many books out there I want to read that this will be the year for it.  

My second bookish goal for 2015 is to read more diversely, not only read different genres but also books that will challenge me as a person and as a reader. For instance, I have never read a Sci-Fi book or a book written or by someone from an indigenous culture or a comic book or a book by an Author from Africa. These are just a few examples of books that I really want to read this year.

My third bookish goal for 2015 is to read all the books I have on my TBR Jar. They are 20 books that I purchased last year and never got to read.

My fourth and last bookish goal for 2015 is to read more books from my local library and to listen to more audio-books. Since I started working at the library, I have discovered a lot of books I would like to read. Books that I never heard of before and sound interesting but they are books I do not necessarily feel like buying right now, unless it turns out to be an awesome book and I want to buy it. It will also give me an excuse to spend more time in the library, which I really do not need an excuse because I love it.

Hope you guys are enjoying this new year. If you have any writing or bookish goals, please  feel free to share them in the comments.


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