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Book Review: SOS Poems 1961-2013 by Amiri Baraka/Poetry/NETGALLEY ARC/Published in 2015

Hello dear Readers,

I had the wonderful experience to read my first collection of Poems by an African American Author. SOS Poems 1961-2013 by Amiri Baraka. Really liked and enjoyed this book, and would like to share my thoughts on it.

Title: SOS Poems 1961-2013
Author: Amiri Baraka
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Grove Press
Language: English
Paperback: 560 pages

Book Description

Fusing the personal and the political in high-voltage verse, Amiri Baraka—"whose long illumination of the black experience in America was called incandescent in some quarters and incendiary in others" (New York Times)—was one of the preeminent literary innovators of the past century. Selected by Paul Vangelisti, this volume comprises the fullest spectrum of Baraka's rousing, revolutionary poems, from his first collection to previously unpublished pieces composed during his final years.

Throughout Baraka’s career as a prolific writer (also published as LeRoi Jones), he was vehemently outspoken against oppression of African American citizens, and he radically altered the discourse surrounding racial inequality. The environments and social values that inspired his poetics changed during the course of his life, a trajectory that can be traced in this retrospective spanning more than five decades of profoundly evolving subjects and techniques. Praised for its lyricism and introspection, his early poetry emerged from the Beat generation, while his later writing is marked by intensely rebellious fervor and subversive ideology. All along, his primary focus was on how to live and love in the present moment despite the enduring difficulties of human history.

My thoughts
I gave 4/5 stars on Goodreads

In SOS Poems 1961-2013, we have the opportunity to see a collection of Amiri Baraka's poetry work. He tells us of the life, the experiences of Black people in America. Their struggle for freedom and to find their identity, and show other people they had an identity. I have read other collections of poetry before but never one like this. Baraka's voice, they way he expresses his feelings and thoughts it's so unique and that is in my opinion what makes this book different from other pieces. Something I could feel reading Baraka's poems was his urge, his persistence on making poetry a way not only of expressing but also a way of communication. And also the way he combines politics and poetry, showing us the importance of words but also action. My favorite part of this collection, without making the rest less important, was Black Magic of 1969, and one quote in specific that I will never forget: "I am distressed. Thinking of the seasons, how they pass, how I pass, my very youth, the ripe sweet of my life; drained off..."
This was the first collection of poems by an African American Author I ever read and as a Poet myself, I appreciate his work. Is not just a book you will like and enjoy but also a book you will learn from.
If you are looking for an interesting reador want to accomplish your goals on reading diversily, this book will be a great choice.

This book was sent to me by Net Galley, per my request, in exchange for an honest review.

My Favorite Quote

"I am distressed. Thinking of the seasons, how they pass, how I pass, my very youth, the ripe sweet of my life; drained off..."


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