Wednesday, March 11, 2015

On Paulo Coelho

Hello dear Readers,

Good evening/night. I am here sitting at Starbucks having a drink, and while my thoughts for this post come to my mind, it brings good memories back.

Remembering the first book I bought with my own money, reading an Author for the first time. Then, this Author becomes your favorite one. That very first interaction, will be always on my mind.

Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian writer, and his book, The Alchemist, opened my eyes to a new level on my reading life. It was introduced to me by my sister, who had it on her house. I borrowed it from her and the moment I finished, I was sure I wanted my own copy. And that is what I did. I went to buy it and has been my favorite author and one of my favorite books ever since, 15 years ago.

The Alchemist, his most relevant book, has been translated into 80 languages and has sold millions of copies around the world. Celebrities, important figures in the world of Arts, Sports, Fashion, Politics, have expressed how reading this book has influenced their lives.

Personally, I love the story presented in the Alchemist and what I love the most is, no matter how many times I read it, every time I discover something new, it's like reading it in different periods of my life, brings different feelings, but at the same time, the heart of the story, the moral on the story remains the same, it is all about our Personal Legend.

His other books, around 30, represent an important part of the Latin american Literature. Paulo Coelho, the person, the writer, has influenced millions of people around the world. His writing is an important part of people's lives. It's amazing how one person can help other people through his words.

Controversy has been a constant part on his writing style. For some people, the topics shown on his books may seem inappropriate to talk about or delicate, like suicide, wizardry, adultery, magic, religion, God, but one thing has always prevailed on his writing, his mystical or semi-autobiographical fiction, as many call it, is the spiritual aspect of this world, how people can overcome difficult situations, obstacles, to follow our Personal Legend, to understand our purpose in life.

Paulo Coelho, the person, who not many people seem to know, thanks to Brazilian journalist and writer Fernando Morais, who in 2009 published the Paulo Coelho's Authorized Biography, we know more about Coelho's life, the time he was born, his relationship with his family, the time his parents thought he was crazy because he could not decide what to do with this life, they decided to put him on an asylum, as well as his life as a musician, his spiritual journey and his struggles and journey to be the successful writer he is now.

Link for his Authorized Biography by Fernando Morais

Link for The Alchemist

Bibliography (Some of his books)

The Pilgrimage-1987
The Alchemist-1988
The Supreme Gift-1991
The Valkyries-1992
By the River Piedra I sat down and wept/Maktub-1994
The Fifth Mountain-1996
Manual of the Warrior of Light-1997
Veronika decides to die-1998
The Devil and Miss Prym-2000
Eleven Minutes-2003
The Zahir-2005
Like the flowing river/The Witch of Portobello-2006
The Winner Stands Alone-2008
Manuscript found in Accra-2012


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