Tuesday, April 7, 2015

CampNaNoWriMo April 2015-Week#1 Where did my desire for writing go?

Hello dear Readers,

Today, I would like to talk about my first week of CampNaNoWrimo 2015.

It was a slow start for me. As much as I hate to admit it, I have been struggling with my writing. Not that I am on a writing block but my desire for writing has been gone for a long time now.

I have manage to stay on track with my daily word count. I set my goal on 20000 words for this camp, which comparing to the 50000 words of NaNoWriMo, is not that hard. However, like I said, its being really hard to write. I feel I have not accomplished much. I am using this CampNaNo to keep working on my Memoir, which I still have some chapters to get done and my first draft will be finished. 

I usually do not have this issue, but for some reason I still cannot understand, is happening. I have been reading a lot, which I do not use as a way to go back to writing. I just love reading and its something I need to do. However, this time I was hoping that would help but is not the case.

2014 was my second year doing NaNoWriMo and this year is my second CampNaNo, which I love. I think having the chance to set up your own word count gives you the chance to take away some of the pressure that comes with writing sometimes and also I love the fact you can be part of a cabin when you get the chance to interact with other people writing the same genre as you are and also socializing, get advice and have fun, because at the end, no matter how stressful it gets, how hard it may be, writing block, zero desire to write, writing should be fun.

In summary, week #1 was ok, I managed to stay on track with my word count but not feeling completely good about it yet. Hopefully, the next weeks my desire for writing comes back.

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