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Book Review: The Turner House by Angela Flournoy/Adult Fiction/Published in 2015

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Below, my book review of The Turner House by Angela Flourney. 

Title: The Turner House 
Genre: Adult Fiction
Author: Angela Flourney 
Publisher: Houghton Miffilin Harcourt, April 14th 2015
Language: English
Hardcover: 352 pages

Book Description
The Turners have lived on Yarrow Street for over fifty years. Their house has seen thirteen children grown and gone—and some returned; it has seen the arrival of grandchildren, the fall of Detroit’s East Side, and the loss of a father. The house still stands despite abandoned lots, an embattled city, and the inevitable shift outward to the suburbs. But now, as ailing matriarch Viola finds herself forced to leave her home and move in with her eldest son, the family discovers that the house is worth just a tenth of its mortgage. The Turner children are called home to decide its fate and to reckon with how each of their pasts haunts—and shapes—their family’s future.

Already praised by Ayana Mathis as “utterly moving” and “un-putdownable,” The Turner House brings us a colorful, complicated brood full of love and pride, sacrifice and unlikely inheritances. It’s a striking examination of the price we pay for our dreams and futures, and the ways in which our families bring us home.

My thoughts
*I gave 4/5 stars on Goodreads

The Turner House tells us the story of The Turner Family. Francis and Viola Turner and their 13 children, and how they need to decide what to do with their parents house in Detroit due to their bad financial situation. Even though I think there were too many characters and this did not allow me to get to know them very well but somehow I felt their stories were connected and it was a good element to the story. This was the only thing I did not like about the book, too many characters, it was a little confusing at times.

For a debut novel, I think the Author has a very beautiful writing style. I like the fact she alternates the story. One perspective, the 1940's parents living in rural Arkansas and a second perspective when we can see their lives and their children's lives in their house in Detroit, and their hopes for a better life living there in Detroit. 

More than a story of each member of the family, it focuses on the Father Francis, the eldest son Cha Cha and the youngest daughter Lalah, but like I said, in some way all the family members stories connect in a way. They are not the perfect family but despite the struggles, they are a close one. The Turner House is about family relationships, overcoming obstacles, facing life as it is, dealing with fear, doubt, and socio-economic issues.

Another aspect I like is some of the passages made me laugh, this book is entertaining, even though it deals with difficult situations.The Turner family goes through some major struggles but it did not make the book a difficult or hard one to read. I also like way the Author shows us this family's struggles and their reality. How the environment they are surrounded by is described.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was entertaining, but at the same time one that makes us reflect on our own lives. If you like to read books about family, their struggles and how they overcome them, I recommend this book.

My Favorite Quote
"Says you and your family. Sooner or later you're gonna realize that just cause a Turner thinks a thing is normal doesn't mean it is. Not at all".


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