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Book Review: After You by Jojo Moyes/Novel-Adult Fiction

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Below my review of After You by Jojo Moyes. The sequel of Me Before You.

Title: After You
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Genre: Novel-Adult Fiction
Author: Jojo Moyes
Publisher: Pamela Dorman Books
Publication Date: September 29, 2015
Language: English
Hardcover: 368 pages
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Meet the Author: Jojo Moyes

Book Description

When one story ends, another begins. The sequel to the beloved New York Times million-copy bestseller, Me Before You.

How do you move on after losing the person you loved? How do you build a life worth living?

Louisa Clark is no longer just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. After the transformative six months spent with Will Traynor, she is struggling without him. When an extraordinary accident forces Lou to return home to her family, she can’t help but feel she’s right back where she started.
Her body heals, but Lou herself knows that she needs to be kick-started back to life. Which is how she ends up in a church basement with the members of the Moving On support group, who share insights, laughter, frustrations, and terrible cookies. They will also lead her to the strong, capable Sam Fielding—the paramedic, whose business is life and death, and the one man who might be able to understand her. Then a figure from Will’s past appears and hijacks all her plans, propelling her into a very different future. . . .
For Lou Clark, life after Will Traynor means learning to fall in love again, with all the risks that brings. But here Jojo Moyes gives us two families, as real as our own, whose joys and sorrows will touch you deeply, and where both changes and surprises await.
After You is quintessential Jojo Moyes—a novel that will make you laugh, cry, and rejoice at being back in the world she creates. Here she does what few novelists can do—revisits beloved characters and takes them to places neither they nor we ever expected.

My Thoughts

I read Me Before You only a few months ago and I absolutely loved it. It made me cry, it broke my heart, but the story of Louisa and Will is one that I will never forget. Me Before You is such a sad book but at the same time a wonderful one. When I knew there was a sequel releasing this year I was so excited and happy about it. I was really curious to know what happened to Louisa, her family and the Traynor family after Me Before You. Now that After You was finally released and I read it I can say the wait was all worth it. 

After You follows the story of Louisa after losing Will, and how she goes back home, gets a job and deals with Will's death the best she can. Seems like no matter what she cannot move on. One day at her apartment she has an accident and that is when she meets Sam, the ambulance guy who takes her to the hospital and ends up playing a big part in Louisa's healing journey. Her family thinks it was not an accident but that she tried to kill herself. After she leaves the hospital Louisa spends some time at her parents house with her grandfather, mom, dad, sister and nephew but after a while she feels it is time to go back to her apartment. She goes back but agrees with her father she will join a counseling or therapy group and try once and for all to get over the grief and the pain. In that group she meets all of the other characters in the book and all of them end up helping Louisa to feel better. She learns different things from their own experiences on losing someone they loved. But like if losing Will and having to deal with the pain, the sadness, the struggle and a job that she does not like were not enough, Louisa meets Lilly who completely changes everything in ways that Louisa never though it would be possible.

Louisa is such a strong character. All that she went through in the first book and how in this one she deals with all the things going on and finally finds hope and that change she needed in her life. I was not expecting Lilly and all that she represents but at the end I'm glad that that helped Louisa.

I like how the characters are portrayed and how human they feel, their emotions and how all their stories are connected. I like in this book we have the chance to see more of the Traynor family, and I love how Louisa's mom character is taken to another level and all the changes she goes through. All the characters in the first book changed a lot in this one and it was very interesting to see what the new characters added to the story and the dynamics in both families, Louisa's and Will's.

After You made me cry because reading again about Louisa and Will was sad. I think it will always be hard to revisit these characters but also this book made me happy because everybody in different ways but they all find a little bit of hope and change. I like that Louisa finally lets go and moves on.

After You is about letting go, moving on, lost, family, relationships, love, grief, pain, all these elements that in my opinion the author manages very well and at the end we have a great sequel with a beautiful writing style, a big and important twist, reliable characters and a story we can learn a lot from.

A third book? With the ending of After You it looks like it could happen. I hope it does. I would love to see more of Louisa and her life in New York.


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