Friday, October 30, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015

Hello dear readers and writers,

With Day 1 of National Novel Writing Month 2015 (NaNoWriMo) getting close, two more days, I wanted to share with you a few recommendations or tips based on my experience participating in this great challenge the last two years.

My first year doing NaNoWrimo back in 2013 was not planned at all. I did not have any idea there was such thing as Nanowrimo. One day surfing the library's web site I saw a post about Nano and all the activities planned for the month of November so I decided to check Nano's website and see what it was about and that was how three weeks before it started I signed up. I had so much fun that first year. I won. I wrote my 50000 words. I did not finish my first draft but it was definitely a good start and an awesome experience. I had the chance to meet lots of writers who get together every year for the Kick Off Party and the Write Ins taking place in libraries, coffee shops, Barnes and Noble and who also stay connected in social media

These two years participating in Nanowrimo and also Campnanowrimo have made such a big difference in my life as a writer and also as a reader. So glad I can participate again this year and glad I can share with you what I have learned.

Here some of my recommendations.

1. Write.Write.Write. Keep in mind this is not just about writing a 50000 words novel in one month. This is a great opportunity to do what we love, to start that book we always wanted to write and to make the time to write. No matter if you do not accomplish the daily word count, the most important thing is keep writing. Knowing that you write at least a few words every day, for 30 days, I can tell you right there is what makes the difference between 'I'm a writer" and "I want to be a writer".

2. Have a back up plan. This year for Campnanowrimo there were times when I did not feel like working on my Memoir so I did a lot of freewriting. I just wrote about whatever came to my mind and was feeling at the moment. That worked perfect for me and eventually I got back to my Memoir. This year I know what I will be writing but I decided to have a back up plan anyway. A book with 500 writing prompts, just in case.

3. Read. I know this is a writing challenge but last year I had a hard time working on what I planned for Nano. There were days I did not feel like writing at all so I decided to read. I think sometimes all we need is a break from writing and occupy our minds in other things like reading. In my case reading helped me not only to lower my TBR pile but it also helped me to relax, continue writing my Memoir and I enjoyed the challenged more.

4. Go to the Write Ins. I have found it very helpful. Having the chance to get together with other writers, socialize, write together, find other writers writing the same genre as you are and get advice from other fellow writers is definitely an amazing experience. When for some reason I do not feel like writing at home, Write Ins during Nanowrimo are an excellent option. There were times in the past when I got more writing done at a Write In than at home.

Hope you all participating in Nanowrimo this year have a great time. Just write, fear not, focus and most of all enjoy it. Doing what we love is a privilege and a blessing.

Happy Writing.

For more information on Nanowrimo and Campnanowrimo, how to sign up and participate, click on the links below.


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