Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nanowrimo 2015: Weeks 3 and 4. Update

Hello dear Readers

National Novel Writing Month 2015 was over almost a week ago. Personally, this has been my best Nanowrimo. My third Nano and my third win, however, even thought I won the first two times, this third attempt was the most productive one in terms of the writing done and how much of my story I was able to put on paper. No editing, not going back to re read what I wrote, not worrying about having the perfect story, just an almost finished first draft with all my ideas, thoughts and the story out of my head. That is why it was very productive, because I could enjoy what Nano really is for. The other two times I worried to much about having the perfect scene the first time, or going back and try to fix everything, this time I just wrote, enjoyed it and thanks to the other two times, knew what not to do, and appreciated more what the challenge is all about.

My official word count as of November 30 at 8 oclock at night when I left the Library was 52560, like I said, not done with my story but almost there, which I continued working on these first days of december and which I hope I will have a first draft finished soon. I'm pretty happy with my story, my characters and how my writing keeps getting better every day, what I mean by this is the more I write the more I learn, that is why I think having the opportunity to be part of things like Nanowrimo is great.

Another thing I loved about this year's Nano was the social part of it. Going to the write ins, meeting with other writers, listening to what they had to share from their experience, having their support when the writing was not going that great, it was amazing.

Overall, I enjoyed it very much and looking forward to finish this book I started, the first Camp Nano next year and of course, to Nanowrimo 2016 and the write ins at Barnes and Noble.

Something else I want to share, during this Nanowrimo I discovered Colleen Hoover. Reading her wonderful books, her writing, this gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration to keep writing. So, dont forget, if you ever find yourselves struggling during Nanowrimo, CampNano, in your everyday writing life, just read, it helps a lot. Something I have found in my life as a writer there are three things that always help me, books, a supporting family and other fellow writers and cookies, :)


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