Sunday, June 5, 2016

Novels at Night IG Book Club: The Deadbringer (The Ellderet Series) (Volume 1) by E.M. Markoff-JUNE EDITION

Hello dear Readers,

This month our IG Book Club Pick is The Deadbringer (The Ellderet Series) (Volume 1) by E.M. Markoff. 

I'm so excited to read this book. A debut novel, a new dark fantasy series that you should definitely check out.

I will be posting my review by the end of month.

Title: The Deadbringer (The Ellderet Series) (Volume 1)
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Author: E.M. Markoff
Publisher: Tomes & Coffee Press, 1 edition
Publication Date: May 22, 2016
Language: English
Paperback: 298 pages
Meet the Author: E.M. Markoff
Buy Me: Amazon

Book Description
In the aftermath of the Purging, the Deadbringers are no more. The Ascendancy has positioned itself as the land’s dominant power by exploiting the people’s fear of the Deadbringers’ innate abilities to summon souls and reanimate the dead. Yet its hold is not complete, for in the North the Bastion stands in the way of the Ascendancy and its iron-willed elite soldiers, the Sanctifiers. But, somehow, a single Deadbringer has managed to survive. Kira Vidal, a boy of fifteen, has remained hidden, living peacefully with his uncle in the northern city of Opulancae under the Bastion’s protection. But it seems their luck is at an end when rumors begin to spread, and a strange man shows up at their door, seeking the forbidden services of a Deadbringer. Aware of the dangers should word of his nature reach the Ascendancy, Kira makes a promise to himself to protect his beloved uncle at all costs, even if it means pursuing the limits of his powers … and learning painful truths.


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