Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book Review: Maestra by L.S. Hilton/Mystery-Thriller-Erotica

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Below my book review of Maestra by L.S. Hilton.

Title: Maestra
Rating: 3/5 Stars
Genre: Mystery-Thriller-Erotica
Author: L.S. Hilton
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons 
Publication Date: April 19, 2016
Language: English
Hardcover: 320 pages
Meet the Author: L.S. Hilton
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Book Description


"This year's most erotic novel . . . Bound to be the It beach book of the summer." —New York Post

"[A] shopathon travelogue thriller that has billionaires, art world scheming and a sociopathic heroine who can unfasten belt buckles with her tongue." —The New York Times

Judith Rashleigh has worked hard to make something of herself. A put-upon assistant at a prestigious London art house, she's well-educated, well-groomed, and impeccably behaved--the darker desires she indulges on nights off are her own little secret. But when Judith uncovers a dangerous heist, her carefully created life is shattered and soon she's on the run. Armed just with her wits and a talent for self-invention, she makes her way from the French Riviera to Geneva, Rome, and the nightclubs of Paris, determined to take back what is rightfully hers.

A pulse-pounding, sexy thriller and the beginning of a darkly irresistible trilogy, Maestra follows the rise of Judith, a woman whose vulnerability and ruthlessness have left readers worldwide begging to know: where do you go when you've gone too far?

My Thoughts

After seeing this was called the most shocking Thriller people will read this year and being compared to other very well known books as Gone Girl and adding the fact that I have been reading a lot of mystery, thrillers/psychological thrillers lately I was very excited about this book, however, it was not what I was expecting. 

I have to say I finished it in the hopes of it to get better at some point but never happened, at least not for me. Even though I found the writing and the story line to be a very interesting proposal but didn't feel it was well developed. Some parts did not make any sense and others I found them unnecessary, disorganized and when the erotic element was supposed to be a fundamental part to engage the reader it felt excessive and without adding anything important to the story. It felt almost like the Author was putting a lot of effort to make it work, to be good. i could not connect to the characters, the story, this world the Author wanted to show but the way the story is written did not help to build that connection. I wanted to like it so bad but ended up with a lot of disappointment. 


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