Thursday, April 20, 2017

My Perfect Panel of Authors

Hello dear Readers,

Recently, I was inspired by Eventbrite to share with you all what would be my Perfect Panel of Authors. I was thrilled about the email because I never thought about it before. I think of my favorite Authors but never of having them all together in one place. 

Thanks Eventbrite for the opportunity and if you are interested and/or looking for help and resources to find, register or plan conferences close to you on in your local area, check the Eventbrite Page. I have used Eventbrite to buy tickets for Writing and Bookish events and I love it. You can download their App on your phone.

My panel consists in a very diverse group of Authors, not only diverse in the genre they write but also where they come from, in the period of time they live (lived) and life background. 

Any of the cities where Dan Brown develops his books would be ideal for the the Panel to take place.

The questions would be a mix of writing related questions and life questions, such as what inspires their writing, favorite books, writing advice for inspiring  Authors, family, hobbies, their latest work if there was one.

My Dream Moderator

That would definitely be Dan Brown. Why? There is something so special and unique about his writing and I think it would be very interesting to see him interacting with other Authors and transmit that energy I get with his books and writing through the spoken word. I see him as a very intellectual, smart and well educated person who I would love to see guiding and building a great conversation with the panelists.

The Great Poet

Pablo Neruda. The Genius when it comes to Poetry. One of my favorite writers. I wish he was still alive, see him in person talking about his experiences in life, about his writing process, where all the inspiration came from, how all the political and social environment he lived in pretty much his whole life affected him not only as a Poet which we can see on his Poetry but also as a person. What questions he would have for the writers now, not only Poets but in general. 

The Little House on the Prairie

Another one who sadly is not with us anymore but who's writing will always be one of my all time favorites. Laura Ingalls Wilder, not only opened the way for many other writers but also who's books inspired one of my favorite TV shows. Every time I read this book her beautiful writing, her voice transports me to that period of time where things seemed to be less complicated.

El Mago (The Magician)

Paulo Coelho. My favorite writer. The Alchemist, my favorite book. Paulo Coelho is such an inspiration, a writer who has shown that sometimes in writing, and in life it is just a matter of keep trying, of not giving up. His persistence translated in writing one of the most influential books in modern history, one that every time I read it, I find something new, learn something new, that right there is pure magic. 

The One and Only

Anthony Doerr. Where do I start? I guess, by saying that I absolutely loved reading All the Light We Cannot See. He is one of these writers that has inspired me to want to be a better writer and a better reader as well. I feel so much appreciation and respect for his books, his writing. So thankful for Authors like him and of course would love for him to be on my perfect panel so others could have the chance to be inspired as well.

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